The most important programming languages ​​and environments used in the sound production, synthesis, processing and in algorithmic composition:


Common Lisp Music (CLM), audio signal synthesis and processing.


Csound, a synthesis language with many generator and processing elements (opcodes) available. // site


Kyma, a visual programming language for sound synthesis.   // site   example patch


LilyPond, a computer program and programming language for music notation.


Max/MSP, a modular visual programming language designed to synthesize and process audio in real-time.   // site   example patch


OpenMusic, a modular visual programming environment for musical compositions based on Common Lisp.   // site   example patch


Pure Data, a modular visual programming language for real-time audio synthesis and processing.   // site   example patch


Reaktor, a graphical modular music studio that allows you to design and build your own instruments, samplers, effects and sound creation tools.   // site   example patch


SuperCollider, an environment and programming language for real-time audio synthesis, processing and algorithmic composition.   // site   example patch