Gottfried Michael Koenig (1926) is a German composer who in the years 1954–1964 worked at the WDR electronic music studio in Cologne, creating electronic compositions Klangfiguren, Essay and Terminus 1, as well as writing orchestral and chamber music.
In 1964, Koenig moved to the Netherlands, where he was director of the Institute of Sonology at the University of Utrecht until 1986. During this period, the Institute gained a worldwide reputation, especially thanks to the annual Sonology course.

Gottfried Michael Koenig has also lectured extensively in the Netherlands and elsewhere and developed the Project 1, Project 2 and SSP computer programs to formalize the composition of musical structures.


Since 1986, the Institute of Sonology has been part of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. This institute is one of the leading institutions in Europe in the field of electro-acoustic music, electronic music and computer-aided composition. The Institute develops training programs at the highest level in the field of electronic music, digital techniques and sound synthesis, algorithmic composition, voltage control studio techniques, interface design and others. In its almost 60-year history, the Institute of Sonology in The Hague has hosted the greatest figures of electronic music such as Dick Raaijmakers, Jan Boerman, Edgard Varèse, György Ligeti, Barry Truax, Konrad Boehmer, Clarence Barlow, Bryan Ferneyhough and many more.